History & Future of American Rock

American rock and roll has already started even before hearing the popular and familiar rock and roll music heard these days and sung by many rock and roll stars of today. It started from variations of different music kinds like folk, jazz, country, gospel, classical, and other kinds that were molded together and given a music charge that can electrify a given audience. It was the kind of music started by the early African Americans, expressing their enduring hardships and transforming it only into music and this is already their kind of personal and emotional release. It is a kind of music that started from the sounds of the Blues and the soulful sounds of Gospel, mixed with other kinds and given an electrifying charge.

The 50s was thought to be the decade that American rock and roll started where before, almost all people were hearing music that the youth of those days thought were boring. When the rock and roll beat was heard from the radios, they must have seemed this as an expression of their rebel ways to go against the normal and the standards in those days. When some radio stations started playing rock and roll music in those early days, the white American youth started catching up and the music was no longer the kind of music played by the African Americans but already with the White youths as well.

While parents in the 50s and earlier were listening to the contemporary music kinds that were the standard in those days, the youths started listening to the new beat they find more to their interests. The youth then find the beat more fun and started twisting and their dance moves included thrusting and grinding, much to the horror of their parents. This was the start of the identity of the youth which was very different to the adults then, and it was a phenomenon that started and is still present these days.

When Elvis Presley, widely acknowledged as the “King of Rock and Roll” started playing his music, many parents were horrified and there were even talks that

television shows featuring him singing, did not show the lower part of his body and his gyrating hips. However, this did not stop the popularity of Elvis Presley and his rock and roll music. His popularity grew to enormous leaps and so thus the entry of many White performers doing their own kinds of rock and roll music. With the guitar  central to all of Elvis’s music you have to wonder what would he think of the new iphone applications that allow anyone to play rock on the go. When I was in Los Angeles a web design company had showed me several ipad and android applications for music making.

Because of the rebellious form of expression that the youth projected in the rock and roll music they were hearing, the churches in many places named the music one of the devil’s, and even called it Satan’s music. However, this did not stop the ever growing popularity of rock and roll music and even evolved to the kind of rock music that is heard by the youths of these days. This has only shown that banning the kind of music played in radio stations and many schools then did not stop the spread and growth in popularity of rock and roll, and has even grown to so much popularity these days.

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The King of Rock and Roll

The king of rock and roll is obviously Elvis Presley, and this is a fact that many will support. It is not only the newspapers and radios of the late 50s and 60s who said this but the millions of fans worldwide who swears that there will no longer be any king of rock and roll who can replace Elvis Presley, and never ever will be. Even up to these days, many people still recognize him as such, even after years from his death. This is so probably because Elvis Presley started a generation of music, and it is a kind way different from the standard norms of music during his time. There were many rock and roll artists before Elvis Presley but it was only he who captured the senses and the attention of the youth during his time.

Other rock and roll musical artists started this kind of music during their time but were not successful in getting the attention of people, not the kind of attention that Elvis Presley had. It was the kind of attention that scandalized and horrified the parents and the adults during those times, but was adored and glorified by the youth. The black African American rock and roll artists started this campaign for a radical change in music but were not as successful as what Elvis Presley had done. The successful singers and artists during those times were the crooners who sang only standard songs. Those were the kinds of songs that got the adoration of the adults, but were found boring by the youth. Although there were better rock and roll artists probably better than Elvis Presley during his time, but the overall performance he showed were better accepted by his fans, especially the youth.

In the long illustrious career that Elvis Presley had he got more than a hundred top 40 hit singles and several songs that were number one. He also starred in several hit movies during his time. The musical style that Elvis Presley had was very versatile and he developed a style all his own with the many interpretations he had. He had an appeal that was very distinct and well loved by his millions of fans, and to think that his fans came from all over the world. Elvis Presley had a good impact in many aspiring rock and roll artists during his time, and even The Beatles who eventually became rock icons during their time also got an inspiration from Elvis. It has been said that The Beatles wanted an Elvis Presley in their group and Paul was it.

Elvis Presley was and still is the king of rock and roll. Many rock and roll artists also became very popular during their time but they were not able to get the adoration of fans that Elvis Presley had and still is getting up to these days. This can be manifested by the number of fans still visiting his home place and Graceland where his memoirs are. The adoration of fans given to Elvis Presley has not toned down and there are even the younger generation and those who never had seen his performances, but they just adored him.

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Rock and Roll Music

Rock and Roll Music was the title of a song that was written and sung by an American icon in rock and roll, Chuck Berry. This song was also recorded and sung by many rock and roll artists of their time, and one of the most popular being that recorded by The Beatles. It can be said that rock and roll music of the early days has shaped the kind of rock music we hear these days. It is a generation of music that originated in America and evolved into many different kinds, but cannot be denied that the music is a combination of African American blues, jazz, gospel, country, and many other kinds, once your hear this kind of music.

Rock and roll music in America started in the late 40s but gained much popularity in the 50s. This was the time when the youth in those days want to have something where they can attach and express their feelings. The adults and parents in those days were listening to the standards and contemporary songs prevalent in those days. However, the youth may not have found an attachment to those kinds of music. They may be longing to find something different and this difference can define their rebellious ways. With the entry of rock and roll music which was widely different from the standards, the music was quickly grabbed by the youth, finding it a way to rebel from what is the standard.

Musical instruments used in the early days of rock and roll music were mainly either a piano or a saxophone or both. This was in the late 40s and early 50s. However, in the late 50s, guitars were mainly the lead instruments, or pianos and saxophones supplemented with the guitars. Drums were also included in the musical instrument mix, providing the beat to the music. The beat were the blues and classic jazz, but an electrifying charge was provided to the music, and gave it a kind of music that the youth identified themselves into.

Even if the roots of rock and roll music were mainly identified with rhythm and blues and also country and gospel music, it has kept its own identity, and that one which the young white Americans of those days clung into. The music was no longer only for the African American youths in those days but for everyone, and much to the disgust of the older generation in those days.

Rock and roll music has revolutionized music in those days then. It has revolutionized and completely changed the musical tastes of the youth in those days. This was the type of music that was not accepted by the parents and the older generation then, but with its acceptance by the youth, rock and roll music has continuously evolved into the rock music that we hear these days. Among the young people, rock and roll music has changed the world, and has made an impact in so many different things, and is a trademark of the rebel ways of human beings.

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Instruments to Use in Rock and Roll

Rock and roll music was a musical category that was defined as a music style that was way different from the standard types of American music in the 40s then. In the late 40s and unto the 50s it started to gain its foothold among the youth. It was the style of music that got the appeal of most of the youth in those days. It was the style of music that adapted quickly to the minds and hearts of the youth in those days because it was way different than the normal standards. It was a form of expression that the youth had then. Rock and roll music developed from a mix of African American rhythm and blues, country music, including gospel music, and played with different kinds of musical instruments.

The main instrument type that was the central instrument that linked with the other kinds then and now is the electric guitar. Many rock and roll artists and performers, then and now, play the electric guitar as the main instrument in their individual performances. While rock and roll music has centered on the electric guitar as the main instrument, there are other musical instruments used also. Electric bass guitars are also used, including keyboard instruments like the electric piano and organ and also the electric synthesizer. Rock and roll musical instruments will not be complete without the drum set. The set consists of the snare drum, bass drum, and other percussion instruments. The drums provide the beat in the rock and roll music.

Rock and roll music provides a variety of themes in the songs created and produced. Rock music also provides a high degree of emphasis on the musician performer, thus the wide popularity of live performances. With a higher degree and quality in handling of the musical instruments used, the musician artist will gain a good foothold and acceptance by fans and the people in general. We have heard of rock and roll artists who are very popular because of the way they handle and play the musical instruments used, like the electric guitars. Although the electric guitar is the one most often used in rock and roll music, there are also some who uses the acoustic guitar and gain a good fan base. The percussion instruments will provide the beat and thus the drums can also be termed as one of the central musical instruments used.

If the electric guitar provides the tone for the rock and roll music played, the drums also will be providing the beat. Electric guitars provide a wide variety of tones that makes the rock music very distinct. Factors that affect the tone set by the electric guitars are the designs and shapes, the length of the neck and the type of frets used, and also the amplifier used. Although there are electric organs and synthesizers that can produce guitar sounds, the electric guitars still remain as one of the central instruments used in rock and roll music. Rock and roll music includes several of the African American styles of rhythm and blues including the use of the pianos and saxophones, but the electric guitars will not be completely left out in these types and will remain to be central to the types of musical instruments used.

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Rolling Stones and Rock and Roll

The Rolling Stones is a British rock band formed in the early 60s and is the holder of the record for longevity of a rock band among the other rock and roll bands worldwide. The Rolling Stones rock band was inactive for certain times during the 80s but claimed that they never broke up. For several decades they have survived the differences that occurred in rock and roll music and sustained their own style while also adapting to the latest in styles in the rock and roll arena. They are named “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” by many and living by the name also. Their career is remarkable and even giving live performances even during these days.

The rock and roll style of the Rolling Stones have not shifted and still based on the rock and blues style but also adapting to the latest in rock music. It was said that what the Rolling Stones were doing with their songs during their time was to have this completely different with what The Beatles were doing, or the complete opposite. This was the time that The Beatles had acquired so much popularity and was at their peak as rock and roll artists. This was also the decade that the rock music icons in their time were The Beatles and Bob Dylan, aside from the Rolling Stones.

Through the years, the Rolling Stones have survived the years, and still is a group and already celebrating their 50 years in the rock and roll music industry. Although some of its members have gone and died, the core group of Mick Jagger as lead vocals, Keith Richards on guitar and back up vocals, and Charlie Watts on drums, has still remained intact. Theirs was the kind of rock and roll music influenced by rhythm and blues of many American artists, including jazz music. However, they created their own music style based on these influences, and also with the use of other musical instruments they experimented with.

The Rolling Stones were the “bad boys” of rock and roll music during their time. The British press wrote negative things about them, and their popularity among the youth rose, much to the horrors of parents, that many of them hate the group for this. They used this as leverage and purposely did many negative things so that they will always be talked about, while also getting more popularity. During their popularity as a rock and roll icon, the Rolling Stones were also very much into drugs that Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Brian Jones, another original member, were charged with drug possession and got suspended sentences. Jones eventually drowned in his swimming pool after leaving the band, and talks circulated that drugs was the cause of his drowning.

The Rolling Stones eventually became the bad boys of rock and roll music, which they actively promoted themselves to be, but this did not hinder their growing popularity among the youth who identified themselves with the group. They find this identity as a form of rebelling against what the standards and norms of they day were then.


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What to Know about American Rock Music?

Rock music is always associated with guitar. This type of music started in 1950’s in the United States and was then embraced by majority of the population. Rock music was then associated to be very loud, inconsistent tempo and something that should come with great concept. American rock music was given justice and great popularity by Elvis Presley but this doesn’t mean that it’s usually done solo. Rock music was performed by group of 3 to 4 people playing set of instruments specifically the drums, piano and electric guitars.

When it comes to concept, fashion was a big part of American rock music. Performer of rock music ideally should come in leather jackets and pants, big tattoos and curly hairs. Without these mentioned fashion styles, a performance done by group of people playing certain rock music will never be considered a great one. The concept of American music before revolved around sex, social concern, revolution, war, romance, love and affection and lifestyle of people. Lyrics are inspired by the current events or emotions faced by the composer that is why more people can relate to the content of each piece.

Rock music may be loud, too noisy for some or too heavy but if you look into its real concept and meaning, you will see that it’s meaningful and simply an expression of something.  One just need to learn to look into the stories behind each piece of rock music and surely, that person will understand the significance of this type of music to America and to its people.

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